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Dr. Deric Gan Eng Kee

Dr. Gan is the first Malaysian who successfully finished a PhD Degree of Drama in China. He has comprehensive capabilities of creative performance. He is a director, playwright, composer, set designer, as well as an outstanding acting and directing instructor. He has created over fifty stage shows and won numerous important awards.

Academic Qualification:
PhD in Performance Art (Central Academy of Drama)
Master in Stage Directing (Central Academy of Drama)

Professional Field 
Working Experience
  • Tutor of Doctor Degree, New Era University College
  • Artist-in-resident, New Era University College
  • Artistic Director, Muka Space
  • Director of the after-competition shows, 29th Olympic Games and 13th Paralympic Games (Beijing, 2008)
  • Guest lecturer, National Theatre China

Related Achievements 
Monodrama and Its Directing Methods (Outstanding Theses, Central Academy of Drama)

Acting Training of Non-actors in Quality and Ability Expanding (Outstanding Theses, Central Academy of Drama)
  1. 《教育戏剧——素质教育中一种新的尝试》
  2. 《伦敦西区观剧——体验艺术与商业的共赢》
  3. 《阿维尼翁戏剧节的初体验》
  4. 《别样双人剧》

Directorial Work
  1. The Show Must Go On(《将话剧进行到底》)
  2. Emily of Emerald Hill(《娘惹艾美丽》单人剧)
  3. Medea(《美狄亚》)
  4. Eileen Chang The Musical(《张爱玲》音乐剧)
  5. Roco Kingdom Adventure The Musical(《洛克王国大冒险》音乐剧)
  6. Gao Peng Man Zuo(《高朋满座》)
  7. Yi Chu Zhong Qing(《⼀触钟情》)
  8. The Seven Year Itch(《七年知痒》)
  9. Dear Yelena Sergeyevna(《青春禁忌游戏》)
  10. Titus Andronicus(《泰特斯》)
  11. The Dawns Here Are Quiet(《这⾥的黎明静悄悄》)
  12. Richard III(《理查三世》)
  13. Mo Jin Jue《摸金玦》
  14. If there is no tomorrow(《我是余欢水》)
  15. Peking Man(《北京人》)
  16. Platonov(《普拉东诺夫》)
  17. The Ring of the Nibelung(《尼伯龙根的指环》)
  18. Rasa Melaka The Musical(《触动古城》)and etc.

    Theatrical Work
    1. The Lone Ranger on Stage(《舞台上的独行者》)
    2. Everyone Is A Great Actor(《人人皆演员》)
    3. The Show Must Go On(《将话剧进行到底》)

      Honours and Awards
      1. In 2013, Dear Elena Sergeevna won him the Best Director in the 11th ADA Drama Awards.
      2. In 2017, My Husband’s Wedding won him the Best Director in the 12th ADA Drama Awards.
      3. In 2017, The Dawns Here Are Quiet won him the Best Director and the Best Drama in the 13th ADA Drama Awards.
      4. In 2017, Richard III won the Best Set Design and the Best Drama in the 17th ADA Drama Awards. 
      5. In 2017, Richard III won the Best Director and the Best Drama of the Year in the 14th BOH Cameronian Arts Awards.
      6. In 2018, his novel stage work, Peking Man, won him the Best Set Design, the Best Script Adaptation, the Best Stage Director and the Best Drama in the 15th ADA Drama Awards.
      7. In 2019, his five-hour show, The Ring of the Nibelung, gained him his seventh award as the Best Stage Director in the 16th ADA Drama Awards.

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