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Asst. Prof. Dr. Keh Foo Bee

Head of Department of Guidance & Counselling Psychology Academic Team

Academic Qualification :
PhD in Guidance and Counseling (National Changhua University of Education, Taiwan)
Master of Counseling (University of Malaya, Malaysia)
BSc in Psychology (National Chengchi University, Taiwan)

Professional Field 
MajorGuidance and Counseling Psychology
Research AreasFamily Counseling, Couple Counseling, Counselor Education, Gender Education, Sexuality Education
Teaching SubjectsFamily Counseling, Couple Counseling, Theories of Counseling and Psychotherapy, Counseling Ethics, Counseling Practicum, Counseling internship, Sex Education and Guidance, Marriage and Family, Mental Health and Adjustment
Working Experience
  • Assistant Professor, Department of Guidance and Counseling Psychology, New Era University College. (2022-)
  • Senior Lecturer, Department of Guidance and Counseling Psychology, New Era University College. (2018-2022)
  • Lecturer, Department of Guidance and Counseling Psychology, New Era University College. (2013-2017)
  • Part-time Lecturer, New Era College (2003-2008)

Membership of Advisory Boards Committees / Professional Bodies
  • Registered and Licensed Counsellor (KB00385, PA00245), Board of Counsellor, Malaysia.
  • Member of the Malaysian Counsellors Advisory Council (2019-2020),Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development

Related Achievements 
Dissertation / Thesis[Master]
Validation of the Chinese version of Self-Directed Search. Master thesis, University of Malaya. Supervised by Professor Dr. Suradi Salim.

Malaysian Chinese counselor’s ethnic identify and professional counselling practice. Supervised by Professor Dr. Kuo Li-An.
  1. Keh, F. B. (2010). Sex, The unspeakable secret? (Sex Education for Teenagers). Kuala Lumpur: Seedz Publisher.
  2. Keh, F. B. (2008). Parent as sex education instructor. Kuala Lumpur: Jiao Zong.
  3. Keh, F. B. (2006). Intimacy, Happiness and Growth (Teaching Sex education in secondary school). Kuala Lumpur: Tsun Jin High School.

Published Papers
  1. Keh, F. B. (2009). Effects and reflections of play therapy sessions on parent-child relationship: In a family with a doctoral student mother. E-Journal of Taiwan Play Therapy, 5, 13-14.

Conference Papers
  1. Keh, F.B. (2019). Feminist counseling for intimate relationships in the Chinese Malaysian context. International Forum on Family Assessment. (Department of Social Work, National Taipei University, Taiwan, 18 Mac 2019)
  2. 郭富美(2016)。大马华社辅导走过30年:整合资源与力量,稳步向前。第十一届马来西亚华社辅导研讨会(马来西亚生命线协会,2016年9月10,11日)
  3. Sim, K. K; Keh, F. B. (2014). College student life adaptation survey of New Era College students. Conference on Exploring and Revisiting Issues in Malaysian Chinese Research. (New Era College, 8,9 Nov 2014)
  4. Keh, F. B. (2013). Looking from campus to family: Understanding student behavior problems from the perceptive of Systematic theory. The 5th Malaysian Counseling Teachers Conference. (Agape Counseling Centre, 17-10-2010)
  5. Keh, F. B. (2010). Guidance and Counseling Profession: Current Counseling Work in Malaysia. 2010 Taiwan Guidance and Counseling Annual Meeting and Conference (National Changhua University of Education, 17-10-2010).
  6. Keh, F.B. (2009). Counseling Development of Chinese Society in Malaysia. 2009 Taiwan Guidance and Counseling Annual Conference and International Symposium (Taipei Municipal University of Education, 18-10-2009)
  7. Keh, F. B. (2007). Cultural and ethical issue of family therapy in the Chinese Malaysian context, 2007 Taiwan Marriage and Family Therapy Conference ( National Changhua University of Education, 15-12-2007)
  8. Keh, F.B. (2007). Review of Sexuality education in Chinese Independent School. 2007 Chinese Independent School Guidance Conference (Dong Zong, 27-30/5/2007).
  9. Keh, F.B. (2005). School Counseling Service: Case Intervention. 2005 The Fifth Malaysian Chinese Community Counseling Conference. (New Era College, 4-12-2005)

Awards / Honours
  1. Overseas Chinese Excellence Postgraduate Paper Award (2018), Overseas Chinese Affairs Commision, Taiwan.
  2. 15 Year Service Award (2008) (Tsun Jin High School)
  3. Professional Teacher Award (2006) (Tsun Jin High School)
  4. 10 Year Service Commendation (2004), Overseas Chinese Affairs Commission, Taiwan.

Talks / Public Lectures
Shen Jai High School9.3.2019
2. 中学生性教育与性别教育New Era University College16.3.2019
3. 心理与咨商职业说明会Hin Hua High School9.4.2019
4. 性别说什么?亲子工作坊(教总主办)SJK (C) Kuen Cheng 1 12.4.2019
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