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Hybrid Workshop: Mapping Your Research Adventure

Mapping Your Research Adventure
图1:罗友良博士为研究生讲座 Dr Loo gave the speech
图2:罗友良博士为学生解答问题 Dr Loo was answering the questions
图3:线下参与讲座的学生们与罗友良博士课后合影 Group Photo

On 30 January, the Institute of International Education hosted a seminar by Senior Lecturer Dr Loo Yew Liang entitled ” Mapping Your Research Adventure” for new students of the PhD in Education, ASEAN, Southeast Asian Studies and Business Studies. The aim of this seminar is to equip newly enrolled postgraduate students with essential skills and knowledge required to conduct effective research. Dr. Loo provides insights on research methods, data collection and analysis, literature reviews, and helps incoming graduate students plan and organize research projects, addressing common challenges and obstacles that students may encounter in the research process, such as writer’s block, time management, or strategies for handling ethical dilemmas. The seminar was a combination of online and offline method and was warmly welcomed by graduate students, with a total of more than 60 graduate students attending.

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