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International Academic Exchange Office

Inbound Study Programmes
Hong Kong

New Era University College was invited by Mr. Lim Soon Tiong from the NTU Alumni Association (Hong Kong SAR), to participate in the “4th Malaysia-Hong Kong Student Cultural Exchange Trip 2019”. Two other private universities in Malaysia, Southern University College and Han Chiang University College of Communication were invited to join the programme too. This cultural exchange trip brought together 44 students from 4 colleges and universities of Hong Kong and Malaysia. During the 14-days-trip, interdisciplinary, inter-academic, and regional cultural exchanges were conducted at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and various regions in Malaysia.


Mr. Li Jingwei and Mr. Sun Xingting, representatives from Shandong Vocational College of Science and Technology, lead 16 students from China and visited New Era University College. During their visit, they had 12 hours of English study, 1 outdoor language and culture lesson and 2 cultural experience lessons.


2 interns from Macau University of Science and Technology (M.U.S.T.), Wang Ruo Yu and Luo Chen Yang, carried out their 28-day internship in New Era University College, uncer the supervision of Dr. Li Lin. The main purpose of this internship programme, is to provide a platform for the interns to apply knowledge they acquired in class to practical teaching setting, hoping to bring their teaching skills to the next level.


14 students from the University of Kitakyushu, Japan came to New Era University College (NEUC) for a three-week study programme. Through the programme, they learned English and Malaysian culture. The Japanese students attended three classes at NEUC, namely Malaysian Culture, Applied English and English Presentation Skills, to enhance their understanding of Malaysian culture and improve their English proficiency. During the classes, the students participated in various Malaysian cultural activities, including learning about the “24 Festive Drums”, making Malay food (satay), Malay-Japanese curry cooking and exchange, and tea cultural exchange. They had a very fruitful learning and cultural exchange journey in Malaysia.

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