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About Institute of International Education

Institute of International Education

The Institute of International Education (IIE) was established on 1st April 2019 as an academic-cum-administrative unit of New Era University College (NEUC). Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tey Shi Bin, the former Deputy Head of Department of Chinese Language and Literature, was appointed by the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Dr. Mok Soon Chong, as the Dean of IIE to develop the international markets. With all efforts, IIE has recruited 240 international students within one year, representing a 23-fold increase.  The IIE also has actively engaged in planning, promoting, and implementing collaborative projects with local and foreign academic institutions and industries that are beneficial to both parties. There are four departments set up under IIE, namely International Academic Exchange Office, School of International Professional Development, Language and Intercultural Centre, and International Student Service Centre.

The responsibilities of each department are as follows:

1.1 International Academic Exchange Office

1. Recruitment, registration, learning and graduation management for academic programmes.

2. International academic exchange programmes: study abroad programmes, exchange programmes, international seminars, study and academic exchange visits.

3. Scientific research and publication.

1.2 Department of International Professional Development

1. Recruitment, registration, learning and graduation management for non-academic short-term courses.

2. Malaysian Luban Workshop Construction Development Centre and Practical Teaching Centre (in cooperation with Liaoning Jianzhu Vocational College, China).

3. Chinese Calligraphy Culture International Communication Centre (in conjunction with Qi Gong Academy of Beijing Normal University and The Calligraphy Society of Malaysia).

4. Cross-border E-commerce and New Media Operation characteristic experimental class (in conjunction with Beijing Vocational College of Labour and Social Security).

5. “Flying High” activities (Flying High, the campus music album by students).

1.3 Language and Intercultural Centre

1. Offering basic Chinese language courses and English language courses.

2. Development of other language courses.

3. Language and intercultural talks/events.

4. Language and cultural study tour programmes for foreign students.

1.4 International Student Service Centre

1. Management of international students including their safety, living and behaviour in Malaysia.

2. Management of international students’ mental health, physical safety and learning quality.

3. To be in charge of the International Students Association, planning and organising international cultural festivals, cultural excursions, language buddies and other activities.

  • The logo is based on the combination of the Chinese character “飞” and the I and E of “International Education” in the Institute of International Education, symbolizing that the Institute of International Education straddles East and West, is open and expansive, and strives for more international cooperation.
  • The composition at first glance resembles a flower and a bird, signifying lightness and happy flight, with our students flying out and foreign students flying in, to develop more cross-cultural exchanges.
  • The pink peach colour of the logo is taken from the red colour of the logo of New Era, which is a variation of the colour, signifying that the Institute of International Education will live up to the expectations of the university: reform, innovation and breakthrough, ushering in new development, new opportunities and new hopes.
  • The blue colour of the logo is taken from the blue colour of the New Era’s logo, symbolizing that all colleagues in the Institute of International Education drink water and think of the source, always think of New Era, take from New Era, use from New Era, and work together with all colleagues in New Era for the benefit of students.
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