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International Admissions

Admissions Procedures

1. Course Selection

Learn about the entry requirements and decide on the course of study.

2. Online application

System Link
Register a new account and log in.

3. Fill in details

Personal information, education background, etc.

4. Upload application documents

Passport photo, academic certificates, English qualifications, etc.

5. Payment of Visa and Application fees

RM2,600 or 740 US Dollar

6. Submission of application

7. Login to system to check for the progress of the application

8. Application approval and admission notice

9. Visa Approval Letter

10. Ready for admission

Application Documents Checklist
Passport-sized photo (JPEG format)· Passport-sized colour photograph, white background.
· Photo size: height (45mm) width (35mm), without white border.
· Do not wear spectacles.
· Do not allow your hair or other objects to cover your eyes.
· Please do not expose your shoulders.
· Your facial expression must be clearly visible.
· For photo samples, please click here
Scanned copy of the latest passport· Passport has at least 5 years validity.
· Full copy (from passport front cover, inner page to back cover).
· Please make sure that the number of pages on all passport pages is clearly visible.
Application form for international students
· Can be downloaded from the application system.
Health declaration form· Can be downloaded from the application system.
Scanned copy of academic certificate· Applicants for undergraduate programmes: high school graduation certificate needed.
· Applicants for postgraduate programmes: undergraduate and master's graduation and degree certificates needed.
· The medium language of the original certificate must be English or Malay. Certificates of other languages needs to be translated and notarized by the notary office.
Scanned copy of transcript· Applicants for undergraduate programmes: please attach three-year high school results and college entrance examination results.
· Applicants for postgraduate programmes: please attach undergraduate and master's (PhD applicant) transcripts.
· The medium language of the original certificate must be English or Malay. Certificates of other languages needs to be translated and notarized by the notary office.
Scanned copy of language proficiency certificate and transcript· According to the programme requirements, provide one of the following language proficiency certificates and transcripts:
a) Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) (Chinese students do not need to provide it)
d) Linguaskill
e) Equivalent language test
· If you have not acquire any of the above, you can choose to enrol to the preparatory course (English course) in Malaysia, and achieve the English qualification based on programme requirements within one year.
· Applicants for undergraduate programmes must meet the language requirements of applied programme before admission.
· Applicants for postgraduate programmes can pre-enter professional courses and need to meet the language requirements within one year (MBA applicants must meet the language requirement before admission).
Registration fees and visa application fee· The application fee and EMGS application fee are RM2,600 in total, this is non-refundable.
· After payment, please notify NEUC on the day of payment and provide payment statement.
Resume· Both in Chinese and English (Applicants for postgraduate programmes only)
Research proposal (Only applicable for postgraduate programmes by research)· Need to include research topics, research outlines, reference materials, etc.
Other supplementary materials (if any)· Such as: various learning ability certifications, portfolios, honour certificates, proficiency test results, etc
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